Biophoton Therapy - The Light of Life

Biophotons (bio=life; photons=light) describe the biochemical phenomenon of ultra-weak photon emission (UPE). They essentially function as information carriers in the form of light or radiation.

Biophoton therapy helps us to activate our self-healing. By stimulating the diseased cells, numerous complaints can be alleviated. The therapy also has a positive effect on our sleep, our immune system and our hormone balance.

Biophotons promote the release of the body's own pain-relieving hormone endorphin in our body. The happiness hormone has a positive effect on all bodily functions and acts like a catalyst on organic processes. It promotes oxygen and nutrient transport and helps our body to recover faster.

The so-called biophotons are normally absorbed and processed by us via the sun and fresh food (e.g. fruit and vegetables). If we lack these nutrients, our immune system also suffers.

Unfortunately, the foods that we can buy in retail stores are already pre-processed, which is why the nutrients that are so essential for our bodies and various metabolic processes are in short supply. It is therefore all the more important to support our body in this process.

Biophoton therapy is already being used in many different areas. It is mainly used for chronic diseases (e.g. depression, rheumatism), disorders in the cardiovascular system, sleep and concentration disorders and skin problems  and applied to support states of exhaustion.


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