Negative ions - and their positive effect on our body

Contrary to what the name might suggest, negative ions have a positive impact on our health and well-being. We absorb negative ions through our airways and skin, where they help us detoxify and stabilize our immune system. In addition, negative ions are essential for healthy cell growth and a healthy and deep sleep.

Negative ions clean our environment of harmful and toxin particles, which is why we find them in large quantities in the purest nature, such as in the mountains, in the forest, by the sea or in the sun. 

Since our lifestyle has changed significantly over the years, we now spend more time in closed and air-conditioned rooms, where we are increasingly exposed to positive ions . 

Positive ions are primarily emitted through the use of smartphones, mobile communications and television masts. Unlike negative ions, positive ions have a very negative effect on our health. We are more irritable, immunocompromised, more exhausted and prone to headaches. 

Negative ions play an extremely important role in cell function in our body. They help us to eliminate toxins better so that new healthy cells can develop. They have a positive effect on our sleep and our ability to perform and concentrate, and they also have a positive effect on our mood.

Researchers report that the concentration of over 1000 negative ions per cm3 is ideal for alleviating various health conditions. If we move in the great outdoors, we find about 200-500 negative ions. This number drops significantly as soon as we enter an enclosed space. In closed rooms there are usually only 100-200 negative ions, but our health needs at least 400 to 1000 ions to function optimally.

Our crystal mat supports you in this process, because the Eiramed crystal mat generates approx. 500-1500 negative ions per cm3 , which help you to optimally detoxify your body and stabilize your immune system.

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