The Schumann Resonance | The heartbeat of the earth

The electromagnetic Schumann wave is of low frequency and can penetrate any material.

Every person has a weak "electrical network" which, when stimulated by the Schumann wave, produces a frequency resonance . By receiving the electromagnetic Schumann field and the cell frequency resonance of the human body, the overall balance of the human meridians is maintained and restored.

The purpose is to eliminate the damage caused to the human body by ionizing EMF radiation. Through Schumann Frequency Therapy, the human body's frequency resonance is induced, supporting natural geomagnetism, repelling the artificial dampening electromagnetic EMF interference, and restoring the membrane potential balance of health.

The Schumann frequency or 'the heartbeat of the earth' oscillates at a frequency of 7.83Hz. Is it surprising that the basic requirement for one optimal state of health is that the cells of the body resonate with the Schumann frequency of 7.83Hz swing? This is even proven by studies.

As our 'inner system', i.e. mind, body and soul, synchronizes with the frequency of 7.83Hz, it realigns itself and brings itself into balance with our planet. Then what should go wrong? The result is more well-being and more harmony.

With the built-in Schumann frequency generator in our EIRAMED crystal mat, you recalibrate your inner system, find your way back to your center and set the course for a life of mental and physical harmony.

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