How precious minerals can heal our body and mind

Gemstones are not only important in the jewelry industry, but also in medicine. Even in ancient times, the healing properties of a wide variety of gemstones were widespread and used to treat various ailments and diseases. Today, healing stones are primarily used in alternative medicine by non-medical practitioners. The effect of the healing stones has been passed on from generation to generation over many centuries. They help with physical, mental or emotional ailments.

The effect of the healing stones is attributed to the vibration of the crystals, the so-called atoms form the crystal lattice of the healing stones and it is precisely these that generate certain vibrations that can positively influence our body's own vibration and support us in healing.

These 8 gems give our crystal mat its unique effect:


Natural amethyst is known for its relaxing properties. In chakra theory, it corresponds to Ajna, also known as the third eye. It promotes better health, overall quality of life and helps relieve discomfort caused by migraines, headaches and stress. Furthermore, it can emit a strong and stable energy flow of far infrared rays and negative ions.

lapis lazuli

The lapis lazuli corresponds to the brow chakra of the human body. It is used to treat insomnia, dizziness, headaches, lower blood pressure, calm mood, improve vision and coordinate the throat chakra, which is responsible for our quality of communication. Due to its effect on the throat chakra, lapis lazuli is extremely effective for diseases of the trachea, throat and respiratory tract.


Jade is a kind of pure natural ore. It also corresponds to the throat chakra. Jade can help your body function more effectively by bringing your energy and mood levels closer to normal. Jade emits low heat and creates a calming feeling. It is good for relaxation and meditation. Likewise, err can also release far infrared rays to heal the body.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine corresponds to the heart chakra of the human body. It has a significant positive effect in treating heart and lung problems. The green aventurine shows its action also in dissolving heart nodes and complexes. It can calm the heart chakra, make people open their hearts, feel peaceful, and deal with everyday events with less stress.

Huanglong Jade (absolute specialty)

The Huanglong Jade in our crystal mat is an absolute specialty. It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and has a regulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It can also moisturize the skin and improve skin problems.

Red Agate

Red agate is one of the most healing gemstones. According to the sacral chakra, it can balance positive and negative energies, relieve psychological stress, keep body and mind in harmony, improve endocrine hormones, and balance qi (life energy) and blood. Red agate is also excellent for people who are infirm and ill or have just recovered.

Red Jasper

Red jasper corresponds to the root chakra and is suitable for women with a weak physique and anemia. It is said that long-term physical contact can increase the bond with the body, improve the appearance of the skin, gynecological diseases and diseases of the reproductive system and the function of the sexual organs.


Tourmaline has a long history as a healing stone and is often valued for its ability to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Tourmaline has a variety of health benefits such as the ability to detoxify, reduce pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and boost the immune system.

By creating negative ions, tourmaline may also help improve mood, increase mental clarity, promote sleep, and protect the body against disease and infection.

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