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EIRAMED Crystal Mat: The ultimate combination of natural healing power and modern technology

The EIRAMED crystal mat is a unique combination of naturopathy and modern technology. It is an innovative product designed to provide a wide range of health and spiritual benefits. Our crystal mat is used to relieve pain, promote relaxation, support detoxification, initiate the body's self-healing processes and release emotional and spiritual blockages. It is therefore perfect for anyone who wants to improve their well-being naturally.

I.) How does the EIRAMED crystal mat work?

The EIRAMED crystal mat combines various technologies to achieve an optimal effect. These include infrared deep heat therapy, gemstone therapy, biophotons, negative ions, magnetic field therapy (PEMF) and Schumann resonance.

Infrared Deep Heat Therapy : The crystal mat contains infrared heating elements that generate deep heat that can penetrate up to 6 centimeters into the tissue. This technology increases blood flow, improves oxygenation and accelerates the body's natural healing process. It is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Gemstone therapy : Gemstones have a long tradition in natural medicine and have been used for centuries to heal and improve well-being due to their vibration and frequency. The EIRAMED crystal mat uses a combination of 8 different gemstones to achieve optimal effect. Gemstone Therapy helps to balance and harmonize your energy centers/chakras in the body, leading to better health and increased well-being.

Biophotons : Biophotons are small particles of light emitted by all living organisms. They have an important role in metabolism and can contribute to healing and improving well-being. The biophotons contained in the EIRAMED crystal mat function as part of the body's own light therapy. This form of therapy uses the natural light spectrum to stimulate and regenerate the body's cells.

Negative Ions : Negative ions are particles found in the air that have a beneficial effect on the body. They can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. In addition, negative ions have been proven to improve mood, promote sleep and detoxify the body.

Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) : Long used in natural medicine, magnetic field therapy can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, the use of magnetic field therapy has been proven to promote cell regeneration and healing.

Schumann resonance : The Crystal Mat also utilizes the natural Schumann Resonance, which represents the Earth's electromagnetic field. This technology is designed to help bring the body into a harmonious state and reduce stress.

By combining these different technologies, the EIRAMED Crystal Mat offers a comprehensive and holistic healing experience that promotes well-being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Ia) The EIRAMED crystal mat in comparison: Discover the difference

The following properties make the EIRAMED crystal mat unique:

1.) Extra titanium layer - against electromagnetic radiation

The EIRAMED crystal mat is equipped with an extra titanium layer that shields electrosmog 100%. This gives you the peace of mind that you are protected from harmful electromagnetic radiation while relaxing on the mat.

2.) Tourmaline precious mineral - the negative ion enhancer

In addition to the titanium layer, the EIRAMED crystal mat also has the precious stone tourmaline. Due to the addition of tourmaline, the EIRAMED crystal mat emits more negative ions than usual. Negative ions have known health benefits, such as improving mood, reducing stress and tension, and increasing energy.

3.) Ceramic balls - more comfort, more warmth and well-being and antibacterial effect

The ceramic balls in the EIRAMED crystal mat contribute to deeper relaxation and a unique sense of well-being by improving the infrared deep heat. The balls generate heat that penetrates deep into the tissue and relieves pain. This also promotes blood circulation and thus contributes to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Furthermore, ceramic balls also have an antibacterial effect, which contributes to improved hygiene. In addition, the surface of the balls is smooth and pleasant to the touch, which contributes to a more comfortable feeling when lying on the mat.

4. TENS function - additional means of pain therapy

The EIRAMED crystal mat also has a TENS function that can be used to treat pain. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is based on the targeted stimulation of nerve endings with an electric current. The gentle electrical impulses of the TENS function can relieve pain by promoting the release of endogenous painkillers and inhibiting pain transmission. The TENS function can be applied to specific areas of the body and is an effective supplement to the other forms of crystal mat therapy.

Using the EIRAMED crystal mat is child's play. The two supplied self-adhesive electric pads are attached to the body part to be treated. The intensity of the nerve stimulation can then be set using the state-of-the-art control unit.

II.) Properties of the EIRAMED crystal mat

The EIRAMED Crystal Mat consists exclusively of high-quality materials, specially selected to ensure maximum effectiveness and durability. The mat has a size of  190cm × 80cm × 3cm and folds and unfolds at will, making it very portable and easy to handle. The upper is made of genuine leather, which ensures the longevity of the crystal mat, and the inner lining is made of high-quality foam, which ensures lying comfort, pleasant padding and even heat distribution.

Furthermore, the EIRAMED crystal mat is equipped with an easy-to-use digital remote control. You have the option of selecting one of the 14 preset programs or the individual therapy methods independently of one another. In addition, the mat has an automatic switch-off system that ensures that the mat turns itself off after a certain period of time.

II.a) These 14 programs of our EIRAMED Crystal mats are preset:

With 14 different magnetic field programs and the option of manually setting the frequency from 1 to 30 Hz, you can enjoy a very personal therapy experience. In addition, the Schumann Frequency is pre-set, meaning you can resonate with the frequency of the Earth's heartbeat and experience multiple benefits for your health and well-being.

P0 = Manual program (from 1 to 30HZ)
P1 = strengthening for the immune system
P2 = intensive detoxification of your body
P3 = improvement in concentration
P4 = relaxation for body, mind & soul
P5 = pain program
P6 = program for your connective tissue
P7 = deep, restful sleep
P8 = regeneration for muscles, bones & joints
P9 = General strengthening and well-being
PA = The muscle relaxation program
PC = Recharge your batteries
PE = Increase the vibrations
PF = Schumann Resonance Program

II.b) Care

To ensure that your EIRAMED crystal mat lasts a long time and maintains its effectiveness, it is important to take proper care of it. The mat should be wiped with a damp cloth after each use and kept dry. Avoid getting the mat wet. Store the mat in a dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. A suitable carrying bag is included in the scope of delivery.

III.) Customer reviews

Our customers are enthusiastic about the EIRAMED crystal mat and are happy to share their positive experiences with others. Here are some of their reviews:

"I've tried many different therapy mats, but none have helped me like the EIRAMED Crystal Mat. I feel immediate relief from my back pain and feel much more relaxed overall." - Sarah K

"I use the mat every night before bed and have slept much better since then. I wake up refreshed and energized." - Jonas F

"The EIRAMED Crystal Mat is a game changer for my yoga practice. It helps me to delve deeper into the asanas and improve my flexibility." - Anna L

IV.) Individual advice

Are you ready to try the EIRAMED crystal mat and benefit from its numerous advantages? Order now and you will soon be enjoying the mat's natural healing powers and modern technology. We would also be happy to advise you individually, just make a booking here Your free consultation.

The EIRAMED crystal mat is the perfect combination of natural healing power and modern technology. With its various technologies, high-quality materials and numerous fields of application, it is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

Let yourself be pampered by the EIRAMED crystal mat and enrich yourself at any time with the beneficial effects of its innovative forms of therapy on a natural basis!

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 190cm × 80cm × 3cm
  • Transport dimensions: 63 cm x 80 cm x 14 cm
  • Weight: 12 kilograms
  • Power Consumption: 280W Voltage 220V
  • Application: on bed, floor, massage table
  • Temperature range: 30°C-70°C
  • Magnetic field strength: 150 µT

scope of delivery

1 x EIRAMED™ Crystal Mat
1 x carry bag
1 * Controller
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Magnetic Test Ball

Benutzerhandbuch | Download

As part of climate neutrality, we at EIRAMED do without excess paper and try to optimize the CO2 balance of our company as best as possible. We would therefore like to ask you to download the documentation available on this page via a link.

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1.) EIRAMED Crystal Mat | User Guide

2.) EIRAMED Crystal Mat | Program explanation & product presentation

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PREMIUM crystal mat | EIRAMED

PREMIUM crystal mat | EIRAMED